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Privacy policy

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www.vtmaps.pl Service Privacy Policy

1. General Information

  1. 1. The Operator of the Service www.vtmaps.pl is:
  2. Vertex Technology Sp. z o.o.
    al. Kasztanowa 3a
    53-125 Wrocław
    NIP: 899-271-28-76
    REGON: 021475617

  3. 2. The Service performs the functions of obtaining information about users and their behavior in the following way:
    a. By voluntary entering of information in forms.
    b. By storing in the terminal equipment of cookies.
    c. By collecting logs from the operator of the hosting web server OVH Sp. z o.o functioning at www.ovh.pl

2. Information on forms

  1. The Service collects information provided voluntarily by the user.
  2. The Service can also store the connection settings (indicating time, IP address)
  3. Data in the forms are not made available to third parties other than with the consent of the user.
  4. The data provided in the forms can be a set of potential customers, registered by the Service Operator in the register kept by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection.
  5. The data contained in the forms are processed with an aim resulting from the function of a particular form, for example in order to perform the process of handling a service request or business contact.
  6. The data given in the forms may be transferred to technical entities pursuing certain services – in particular as regards the transmission of information about the holder of a registered domain to entities that are operators of Internet domain names (mainly the Research and Academic Computer Network – NASK), services that support payments or other entities with which the service provider is working in this field.

3. Information about cookies

  1. The service uses cookies.
  2. Cookies are computer data, in particular text files that are stored in the terminal equipment of the Service User and are intended for use of its Web Site. Cookies typically contain the name of the website which they come from, the storage time in the terminal device and a unique number.
  3. The entity placing cookies on the terminal equipment of the Service User and receiving access to them is the operator of the Service.
  4. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
    a. the production of statistics that help to understand how the Service Users benefit from the website, which allows the improvement of their structure and content;
    b. the maintenance of the Service User session (after logging in), thanks to which the user does not need to retype their login and password on every page of the Service;
    c. determining the user profile in order to display matched advertising network materials, and in particular the Google network.
  5. In the Service two basic types of cookies are used: “session” (session cookies) and ‘fixed’ (persistent cookies). “Session” cookies are temporary files that are stored in the terminal equipment of a user until they log out, leave the website or disable software (web browser). “Fixed” cookies are stored in the user’s terminal device for the time specified in the parameters of the cookies or until their removal by the user.
  6. Software for web browsing (web browser) usually, as default, allows the storage of cookies in the terminal equipment of the user. Service users can change the settings in this area. Internet browsers make it possible to delete cookies. It is also possible to automatically block cookies. For details, see the help or documentation of your web browser.
  7. Restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some of the functionality available on the Website.
  8. Cookies are placed in the Service User’s terminal equipment and may also be used by advertisers and partners working with the Operator of the Service.
  9. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of these companies to learn how they use the cookies used in the statistics: Privacy Policy Google Analytics
  10. Cookies may be used by advertising networks, in particular Google network, to display adverts tailored to the way in which they use the Service. To this end, they may keep information about the user’s navigation path or the time remaining on the page.
  11. With regard to information about users’ preferences collected by the Google advertising network, you can view and edit information derived from cookies using the tool: https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/

4. Server logs

  1. Information on some behaviors of users are subject to logging into the server layer. These data are used solely for the purpose of administering the service and in order to ensure the most efficient service provided by hosting services.
  2. Resources browsed are identified by their URLs. In addition the following may be noted:
    a. date of a request.
    b. time taken to send a reply,
    c. name of the client station – identification performed by HTTP protocol,
    d. information about errors that occurred in the implementation of the HTTP transaction,
    e. URL of the page previously visited by the user (referrer link) – where there has been a visit to the Service by reference.
    f. information about the user’s browser,
    g. IP address information.
  3. The above data are not associated with individual persons looking at the site.
  4. The above data are used only for server administration purposes.

5. Data provision

  1. The data shall be made available to external entities only within the limits permitted by law.
  2. Data identifying a natural person shall only be made available with his consent.
  3. The operator may be required to provide information collected by the Service to authorized authorities to comply with lawful requests to the extent arising from the request.

6. Management of cookies – how in practice to give and withdraw consent.

  1. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you may change your browser settings. We caution that disabling the cookies that are necessary for authentication processes, security, and maintaining user preferences, can make difficult, and in extreme cases may prevent, the use of websites.

Terms of service

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The owner of the site and the Site Administrator www.vertextechnology.pl is:

Vertex Technology Sp. z o.o.
al. Kasztanowa 3A
53-125 Wrocław
NIP 899-271-28-76
KRS 0000379719
E-mail: biuro@vertextechnology.pl

District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, IV Division of the National Court Register
Share capital 10 000 PLN

The administrator can be contacted:
– Using the e-mail address: biuro@vertextechnology.pl
– By mail at: Vertex Technology Sp. with o.o 53-125 Wroclaw al. 3A Kasztanowa

§1 Technical Requirements

In order to use the services provided under these User Terms you should have: Internet access, Web browser: Internet Explorer version no older than 7.0 or Mozilla FireFox version no older than 3.0, or Chrome (all versions) or Opera version not older than 2, Java Script, with Cookies enabled, valid e-mail address.

§2 Definitions

1. Terms – these terms. In services supplied electronically the Terms are the terms referred to in Art. 8 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002. No. 144, item. 1204, as amended).
2. User – Any adult private person or entrepreneur conducting business activity in any form provided by law, that utilizes the services offered on the Website, the conditions laid down in these Terms. The user should provide true and current personal information, and update it as necessary. The website owner may request documentation by the user of data given by him.
3. User – the user of this service.
4. Subject of transaction – the Subject of the transaction is a license that allows the use of the product available on the Website.
5. Internet service – service available at www.vertextechnology.pl, allowing the purchase of a license.
6. Party – Administrator or User.

§3 General principles

1. A condition of the use of the Service www.vertextechnology.pl by users is that they familiarize themselves with these Terms and accept their provisions.
2. The Internet Service gives you the opportunity to purchase a license that allows the use of the software.
3. By using the Service you agree to:

  • comply with legal orders, in particular, the protection of personal data and personal goods of others,
  • observance of these Terms,
  • using the services and tools available on the Service in a manner consistent with their purpose,
  • respect Polish law, rules of etiquette and personal goods of other Members,
  • use of the techniques and devices without interfering with the work of IT infrastructure,
  • not taking any other actions incompatible with the intended use of the Service.

§4 Payments

1. Payment for licenses may be through electronic payment systems (Przelewy24) or bank transfer to an account of the Owner of the Service.
2. Payments using electronic transactions can be made via a specialized payments service (Przelewy24) made available by the Owner of the Service. If the Buyer chooses such a form of payment, the Seller will furnish the Buyer with a direct link to the payment service page where they will be able to quickly and efficiently make a payment.
3. Available payment methods: money transfer to bank account: 56 1090 2529 0000 0001 1573 8612, payment into account (e-Przelew, e-transfer, credit card payment) – on-line payment and premium SMS.
4. The operator of a payment card is PayPro SA Agent Rozliczeniowy, ul. Kanclerska 15, 60-327 Poznań, Rejestr Przedsiębiorców Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego prowadzonego przez Sąd Rejonowy Poznań Nowe Miasto i Wilda w Poznaniu, VIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego, KRS 0000347935, NIP 7792369887, Regon 301345068.
5. For all the services the Site Owner shall issue an invoice.

§ 5 Right of withdrawal

1. A consumer who concluded a contract at a distance, has the right to cancel the contract without giving any reason making a statement in writing. This is, however, limited in time and granted only for 14 days. To comply with this deadline, they must send a statement before its expiry.

§ 6 Complaints Procedure

1. The basis for consideration of a complaint submitted to the Service Owner is the applicable laws.
2. In the case of any complaints and comments regarding the Website, please contact the Service Owner via e-mail (biuro@vertextechnology.pl) or by mail to the address given in the preamble to the Terms.

§ 7 Privacy Policy and the protection of personal data

1. The User agrees to the Service keeping on his computer small text files (i.e. Cookies) necessary for the proper provision of services. These files do not collect personal information, do not change the configuration of his computer, do not serve to install or uninstall any computer programs, viruses or trojans, do not interfere with the integrity of the system or user data are not processed by other websites and can be at any time deleted by the user.
2. Cookies. We use the information stored using cookies and similar technologies for advertising purposes, statistics and in order to adapt the service to the individual needs of users. Cookies can also be used by advertising and research companies working with us. If you consent to the use of cookies, they will be stored in the memory of your browser. In the Web browser, you can change the settings for cookies. You can deactivate or completely disable cookies on our website in your browser settings, or by selecting the appropriate option in firewall programs (e.g. Norton Internet Security). Disabling cookies may, however, result in the inability to interact with our service. Among others, it will be impossible to log on to your own user account. Go to “Help” in your browser or contact the manufacturer of the browser for information on how to change the settings for cookies.
3. By registering on the Service the User agrees to the processing and use of personal data for purposes of the contract.
4. In accordance with Art. 24 paragraph 1 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (unified text: Journal of Laws of 2002 no. 101, item. 926 as amended) we inform that:

  • the administrator of your personal data is Vertex Technology Ltd. al. Kasztanowa 3A; 53-125 Wroclaw, hereinafter referred to as the Company / Owner of the Service,
  • your personal data will be processed for the purpose of fulfilling the contract and will not be shared with other customers,
  • you have the right of access to your personal data, to its correction and to demand its removal. Provision of personal data to the Company.

§8 Final Provisions

1. In matters not covered by these Terms, the appropriate provisions applicable in the territory of the Republic of Poland apply.
2. Disputes arising from the use hereof and in connection with the performance of contracts between the Service and Users which are consumers, will be considered by the court competent according to the Law of 17.11.1964 Code of Civil Procedure.
3. Disputes arising from the application of these terms and in connection with the execution of contracts between the Service and Users who are not consumers, will be considered by the court competent for the head office of the Owner of the Service.
4. Date of publication of the Terms is 02.03.2015.