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Complete information at first sight.

Do you analyze data from different countries of a particular continent?

Europe is made up of 46 countries; that is a very large amount of important spatial data. Organize it all automatically by viewing clear info-maps and change your point of view for the better – perhaps you will notice new relationships that may prove crucial.

With Advanced VTMaps you generate your map data in a few clicks from within Excel, and recognizing the names of countries, regions or towns it will substitute the appropriate data for you.

Funkcje VTMaps Advanced:

  • 100% compatibility with MS Excel
  • no need to install external programs
  • support for all geographic locations within the boundaries of the given country
  • division into provinces, counties, regions, states, cities, countries, etc.
  • recognition of names in original languages
  • reading of postal codes
  • ability to design your own territorial divisions
  • flexibility in the creation of legends, coloring of regions
  • ability to zoom in on the map without loss of image quality
  • presentation of data with charts, shapes
  • maps are fully editable and configurable
  • simple updating of data and its automatic change on the map
  • Integration with MS Office

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Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Europe, North America, South America


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